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"Hail to the king, hail to the one.
Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun.
Hail to the king."

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                                        ᴘᴏsᴛ ᴛᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ ɢɪᴠᴇᴀᴡᴀʏ !!

                          Since everyone’s shown such enthusiastic interest
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Love all you lovely muffins.

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Well I’m at 277! currently and I thought it was about time I gave back to the community. You’ve all stuck around and have been especially kind to me. Thank you all for being patience and hanging around to RP with me. Thank you all so much not only for writing with me but supporting my on my journey as a writer, thank you!  This is a special 300FF Giveaway!!! WOO! Yess FREE SHIT, everyone loves free pretty things! Rules below and prizes listed under the cut. Winners will be chosen at random with a handy dandy randomizer.

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       You’re sweet!” The female is
       highly amused though with that
       she’s leaning in again. I’m Laura.
       It’s a loud scene, even for the wolves
       of New York; and she is more than
       happy to be here. It’s much needed.
       ”You have a really nice everything!”

Charmed, the Russian rumbled with laughter,
purely amused his blunder engendered
something genuine.       ❛Krystof,
He’d only been in New York for a month,
visiting local werewolf exclusive social scene
rarely as he was wholly unfamiliar with the
scents, though the blond Alpha had come
once again in hopes of meeting up with her
Well that’s clearly bias,
        you haven’t seen my everything yet.❜

;- g i v e a w a y 

                         ;;- i don’t know,   i’m kind of close to my next hundred
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The situation was definitely getting out of control. It wasn’t enough with the arrogant -and possibly dangerous- presence of an unknown alpha on town, it wasn’t enough with the dead, putrefied bodies that took him by surprise…Derek hated surprises. And this new wolf was completely full of them, probably the reason why he couldn’t stand to remain on a substantial proximity radius with his person.
No, apparently wasn’t enough with the unpleasant surprises before a new one showed up on the door of his loft in the middle of the night. Derek watched the wolf with incredulous eyes and a evident surprise on his face before he started to drag the weak body to the inside of the reducide space of his temporary home. Leaving a reddened trail of dry blood on the floor, the beta let him collapse there, wrinkling his nose at the penetrant hedor that escaped from the body of the wolf.
"You reek like wolfsbane." he sentenced, searching for his lighter in the middle of the absolute mess that was his table "Try to go back to your human form."


               Beacon Hills served to be a land rampant with supernatural thrills
       much to the Russian’s adrenaline seeking enjoyment. However hunters
       amateur and veteran alike also took to their code rather efficiently, none
       of which Krystof dealt commonly amid his homelands where a Serbian
       sized wolf was typical fauna. Golden alpha had been rather precipitous
       in his hunts, slaughter a vagrant wendigo the hunters had been tracking
       and managed to become their quarry, an wolf of his stature was a
       commendable trophy.

               Vision swarmed with darkness, limbs weak with aconite poisoning,
        he blacked out sprawled across Hale’s apartment floor. A thunderstorm
        raged sonorous amid his skull, clang, clang, clang. Lightening flared behind
        lids, stomach wretched something vile and the wolf bolted messily on his
        forepaws, spilling putrid inky bile splashing against the puddle of dark blood.
        Tawny head whirled at Derek’s voice, vermeil eyes muted and hazy with his
        lack of cognition, yet though his sense of smell burned of wolvesbane; there
        was the ebony wolf, he was safe for the moment.

                Claws scrabbled weakly against the floor whilst the canine attempted
         to gather his weight neath his legs before succumbing to the fever with a
        piteous whine and the shuddering of limbs, hulking alpha form relinquished
        for the bare of human flesh, soiled with grim of the preserve and tainted blood.

you are not the s t a r s
but rather, the moon,
for it glows brighter than
all of them

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"It was part of the answer.”

   ❛Sex and chocolate~
But its not even my birthday!

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B R E A K I N G  N E W S 
  we’re getting reports that claim “tumblr roleplayers” are
       ”allowed” to do “whatever they want” with “their” blogs. why?
        bloggers are calling it “free will.”

       we’ll keep you updated as this story progresses.

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